Darren Dowd Advises Client on Rocky River Lakefront Purchase

700 Lake, Rocky River, OhioRecently, Darren Dowd had the pleasure of representing a client in connection with the purchase of a new residence at the Brickhaus Development 700 Lake located in Rocky River.  As part of the representation, Darren negotiated, and advised the buyer on matters pertaining to the pre-construction purchase agreement between his client and developer Brickhaus Development.

During the negotiations, Darren worked directly with the developer, Andrew Brickman, to get the deal done.  Mr. Brickman was enthusiastic about the new development in Rocky River and nothing but professional during the process.  It was clear that Brickhaus Development is a true leader in residential real estate development and that 700 Lake is going to be great addition to Rocky River! If you, or someone you know, is interested in purchasing a residence at 700 Lake, and would like legal representation, contact Darren Dowd at Darren@lddlegal.com or (216)-453-1100.

You can read more about 700 Lake and other Brickhaus properties and development plans here.