Landlord-Tenant Law

Agreement between landlord and tenant with keys to houseWhether you’re a residential or commercial landlord or a commercial tenant, it is likely that will require a lawyer at some stage during your ownership or tenancy.  LDD lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to help you through your landlord-tenant matter.  Our firm represents approximately 20,000 combined residential and commercial units throughout Northeast Ohio, ranging from shopping centers, large apartment complexes, manufactured home parks and multi and single family homes. Our firm advises and represents landlords in all aspects of landlord-tenant law, including evictions, rent escrows, damage claims, security deposit claims and general property management issues. Our firm also represents various commercial tenants in areas such as lease negotiation, and enforcement.  If you own or manage real property or are a commercial tenant the law firm of Lieberman, Dvorin & Dowd, LLC is here to assist you in achieving solutions to your landlord-tenant legal issues.

Our Landlord-Tenant practice areas include:

  • Forcible Entry and Detainer (Eviction)
  • Damage claims
  • Tenant Rent Escrow cases
  • Security Deposit claims
  • Wrongful Eviction claims
  • Lease drafting & review