Bedford Class Action Over Rental Inspections

Bedford Class Action Lawsuit Certified – Point of Sale Inspections, Rental Inspections, and Fees For years the City of Bedford, Ohio and other municipalities in the Cleveland area have required homeowners to submit to point of sale inspections and/or rental inspections before being able to sell or rent real property within such city.  These inspections are codified in the municipalities’ … Read More

Cleveland Commercial Real Estate Update

Commercial real estate development in Cleveland is on the rise! There have been lots of exciting things going on pertaining to commercial real estate in the downtown Cleveland area recently. Several buildings have (or will soon have) new owners and others have had their development projects move along towards fruition. Here are some of the highlights: 55 Erieview Plaza and 65-75 … Read More

Taking Notice of Cleveland

The Cleveland we know and love! Cleveland is turning some heads these days and people are taking notice of all the great things happening on the North Coast. And who can blame them? We who live and work in Northeast Ohio know lots about how awesome Greater Cleveland is, with its rich history, fervent sports fans and an abundance of new development. So we … Read More

Establish Your Parking Lot as a Tow-Away Zone

Tow-away zones are regulated by Ohio law – are you in compliance? Maintaining your parking area and preventing unauthorized parking in your parking lot is important.  Ohio law establishes the rules that private property owners must follow in order to establish their property as a private tow-away zone.  Recently, the law in Ohio has changed as to how a private … Read More